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Taally app design

Interactive design

Taally is an app designed to solve the problem of having too many subscriptions and users can't keep track of
them. This results in unnecessary and inconsiderate spending. The app also proposed to tackle the inability to keep track of trials that users often faced
. Users often find it frustrating as there are no notifications to alert their ending trials. Monitor, Manage and Notify are the 3 main and simple functions that Taally proposed to do;

  1. Monitor_ Track activities and costs of each subscription. The app also offers the ability to cancel subscriptions when needed. 

  2. Manage_ Organizing subscriptions and trials depending on each category. 

  3. Notify_ Receiving alerts and notifications from the app through different methods.

A closer look at my design process here

Design Inspiration

Taally's color palette expresses a sense of stability with a pop of color from the orange. This minimalistic take on the designs asserts Taally's functionality as it was designed to be used effectively in users' daily lives. When it comes to designing an app that deals with the financial aspects of users, simple and clean designs are always preferred. 


Color Palette






App Icons

Final screens