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Ritz Crackers Packaging Re-design

Packaging/ Illustrations

Ritz Crackers packaging is known for its vibrant colors. My approach to this redesign is to keep the vibrant colors from Ritz to retain their brand's equity. The introduction of illustration portrays Ritz Crackers to be fun, enjoyable and visually attractive. Stripped away from their current branding of photography and colored gradients. I brought back their old logo mark from 1964 which gave it a retro touch yet modern a twist. Ritz Crackers target audience is wide, not only are they for children but also adults from different ages. Therefore, this is an opportunity to capture the attention of this wide range of target audiences. Ritz Crackers were in most of our childhoods, I wanted to spark that nostalgic feeling in the target audience through the use of colors and flat designs previously used in 1964. The re-introduction of the old logo identity resembles a part of the target audience's childhood that worth re-living. Moreover, the addition of illustrations resembles a part of their current childhood, which was intended to be fun and enjoyable. 


Graphics/ Illustrations

Color Palette